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Our Return Policy

We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction!  

We very rarely have requests for returns.  Nevertheless, below are our general guidelines. Please contact us if you have any issue with any product we sell.  We will be more than happy to work with you! 


Product Returns:

We will gladly provide (excluding shipping related costs) either (your choice):

        1) full store credit for any "restockable" returned item received within 90 days of purchased; or

        2) a refund (-a 20% restocking fee applies to all returns within 60 days of purchase, or

             -items received between 60 & 90 days from purchase date, we will gladly offer you store credit)

        Opened or partially used containers are not returnable (ex. epoxy). Please do not ship these items!


Cut Products or Fabrics:

Clearly it is difficult to resell custom cut products and/or fabrics.

-Custom cut fabrics under 10 yards are generally not resalable and therefore are not refundable.

-a 20% restocking fee will apply to all custom cut fabrics of 10 yards or more.

-a 15% restocking fee will apply to all full rolls (100yards +)

Note that custom cut sleeving (less than 10 lbs) is generally is not returnable.


Custom Made or Special/Custom Ordered Items:

Items that are custom made, ordered, or items specifically ordered in large quantities (well over quantities we normally stock) are generally not returnable. Deposits are not refundable unless otherwise specified in writing. Please note that all colored fabrics/sleeves (not including materials with Dupont's colored Kevlar [ex. carbon/red Kevlar fabric]) UNI flat fabrics (less than 12" in width) are considered custom ordered items. Prepregging of any fabric is also considered a custom order item.



Undeliverable Package(s) Policy: Soller Composites is not responsible for return, re-shipping, brokerage/custom(s) fees, or related costs for packages returned not due to the fault of Soller Composites. If after 30 days of such return(s), and the package(s) have not been successfully delivered, the customer will be refunded according to our refund policy. We encourage our customers to ship via carriers who offer package tracking, include a phone number when ordering and watch the tracking progress in order to resolve any potential deliver issues before packages are returned.

Please note that carriers typically will not insure package on return routes. In the unlikely case of a returned package, not due to the fault of Soller Composites: 1) if the package(s) becomes damaged/lost in route, Soller Composites can not be responsible for such damage/loss. 2) Return shipping cost both to Soller Composites, reshipping cost to the customer, and repacking materials costs are the resposibilty of our customer. 3) In the case of unavailavility of the customer or for any other reason, our standard refund policy will be followed. 4) If the package is refused for any reason (ex. customer does not want to pay customs/brokerage fee(s) or the customer changed their mind about the order), our standard refund policy will be followed. 5) In the very unlikely case that a package is damaged in route to the customer, we encourage our customer to accept the package and contact us immediately- refusing the package may allow the carrier to deny the damage occured in-route to the customer (and the package may then be abondoned [if international]).


Phone orders: Although we encourage our customers to order over the Internet, as a convenience to our customers, we are always happy to take orders greater than $25.00 over the phone for manual credit card processing. All phone orders are read back to our customer and received verbal confirmation of the exact items & quantiites ordered. Customers are encouraged to order samples if they are unsure of the suitability of any item. Our standard refund policy applies to all items returned from phone order (sorry, no exceptions).


Our refund policy applies to all items once the item starts the process of being custom made/ordered, custom cut, packaged or shipped. That is, for ex, customers may be charged a restocking fee for canceling/changing an order if the item has already been packaged.


Additional Shipping policies: Cost of shipping, shipping insurance, shipping materials, brokerage fees, customs fees, wire transfer fees & or return shipping can not be refunded, sorry. All returned items must be received in unused, undamaged, and resalable condition.


In cases where 1) shipping is included in the product price, or 2) special discount(s) on shipping are provided, and a product or part(s) thereof are returned, the actual shipping, material, and other related costs will not be refundable.


Due to the excessive time to retreive refunds from the USA postal service, any requested refunds from the USPS are the responsibility of the customer.


Soller Composites, LLC does not absorb costs associated with any failure of any carrier to meet their commitments. 


Under all circumstances, our customers takes ownership of all products once those product(s) leave our facility.


Regarding free technical advise - Please note that we have extensive experience using our products and building composite structures. Our advise is free, but we do not guarantee if you follow our advise that you will be successful or that you will like the products we recommend. We do not offer refunds because you followed our advise or do not like any particular solution or product(s) we recommend.


If you have an issue with any of these guidelines, please contact us.  We are always happy to work with our customers!